Tuesday, January 27, 2015

And another new gal.... :-)

This morning Jan took us over to that wall again to meet another new doll.  What is it, "the meet new doll area" or something? ;-)

Anyways, Jan asked Elsa to come, but she didn't want to.  Poca, Anna, and I were all disappointed by that.  We still aren't quite sure how to get through to her...or even what's wrong with her!! :(
When we got over there, with Anna in the lead, a very tall girl was standing there.

Anna walked over to her, and immediately started talking a million miles a minute, along with one of the rudest questions ever.  
"Hi, hi, hi!!!   My name is Anna, what's yours?". There was a very slight pause.  Then Anna blurted out, "Why are your legs warped?". 

From my vantage point behind the new doll, I watched Poca do a dramatic face-Palm, just as I did the same.
"Anna!!!" Poca and I whispered.  "That was so rude!!!"

But the new doll only laughed, and then smiled at Anna.
"It's ok." she said sweetly.  "To start off with, my name is Honey Lemon.  But just call me Honey.  And as far as my legs go, I know they are warped.  So you didn't offend me.  I'm lucky Jan didn't return me to the store because of my legs, because if she did, I probably wouldn't ever get a nice home.  But Jan didn't want to return me; she informed me that she liked me as I was, and never returned dolls for such things.". She smiled at us.  

"See?" Anna told Poca.  "I knew she was nice; she didn't mind.". Poca rolled her eyes, but smiled as well.  She knew that Anna blurted out things before she thought them over.

"Well, I'm Anna from the movie Frozen." she told Honey.  Apparently she decided she was the official 'introducer'. ;-). "This is Pocahontas from Pocahontas, but you can call her Poca.  And this is Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but you can call her Snow.  What movie are you from?". Anna finished.
"I'm from Big Hero 6." Honey told us.  "It came out last November, I think.  I'm supposed to be a super heroine, but I don't know how I'd do at that." she giggled.  "Oh, I have a little purse that can make 'chem-balls', and some armor and a helmet.  But I think Jan put them away so they wouldn't get messed up, which was probably a good idea.  Besides, the armor is kinda uncomfortable." Honey smiled at us again.  I liked her already; she was sweet to all of us, just like her name.  
"What are chem-balls?" Anna asked automatically.
"They're little shells filled with different combinations of chemicals.  When they have certain combinations and I throw them, they can do different things, like make a pile of goo or a sheet of ice.  The thing is, I have to select the chemicals on a periodic table on the side of the purse, and I need to have Jan put it on there.". 
"Ooohhh, that sounds cool!!" Anna exclaimed.  "Can I try it sometime?" She jumped up and down.
"Sure you can!  Just as soon as the purse works properly." Honey answered her with a grin.

"I'd love to talk to all of you later, " Honey said hesitantly, "but I'm a little tired right now.  Could you show me where we stay?"
"Oh, of course!" Poca took over.  "I'll show you."
"But Poca-" Anna broke in.
"No more chatting right now, Anna." Poca said.  "We can all talk to Honey more later."
"I'll be sure and chat with you as much as you'd like just as soon as I wake up from my nap." Honey told Anna sweetly.
"Oh, ok!" Anna answered, cheered up.

We all walked over to the table, and Poca and Anna clambered right up.  (How I wish Jan would make us some rooms!!!). Honey hesitated, seeing my face.
"You don't like to climb up the table, do you?" she said carefully.
"No, I don't." I said with a sigh.  "It's too high, and I don't like climbing like that."
"Well, I can help you climb up if you want." she offered.  "My legs are a little longer, so I can pull you up, if you'd like."
"That'd be great!!" I answered with a big smile.

So Honey helped me climb up.  It was much easier than before, actually!! :-). I'm happy to have Honey here with us, and am certainly so glad that Jan didn't return her to the store.  ;-). 

I just wish one of us could bring Elsa out of her shell.  Perhaps Honey can help?? 

~ Snow

Monday, January 12, 2015

Meeting the new gals....

Apparently even though Jan brought home a few new gals back in October, she didn't introduce them to me and Poca until today.  Whaaaa???  In any event, I'm not sure how it went.

Poca and I were just getting ready to go have breakfast this morning.

Poca, as usual, climbed down the table with no trouble at all.  How in the world does she do that?  It's not particularly fair; I'm terrible at it, and I'm afraid of heights.
"Aren't you coming, Snow?" she asked.
"Yeah, yeah, I am", I answered back, gulping as I looked down at the ground.

I did make it down (oh, and managed to completely trip over my own feet just as I made it to the bottom).  I've asked Jan to put a small pile of books next to the table so that I can use them to get down easier.  It helps a little bit, but I was kinda more hoping that Jan would get the hint to not always have us sit on top of that table. :/

Poca was laughing.
"You still don't like climbing up and down that table, do you?" she asked between giggles.
"No, I don't, Pocahontas." I answered back.  I was pretty annoyed.  And Poca had the sense to stop laughing.  She knows I mean business when I call her Pocahontas instead of Poca.  And I know she didn't mean anything by laughing, but it still irked me.
We both stopped talking when we heard the sound of Jan's voice.
"Poca, Snow?"  Uh oh, I knew that tone of voice.  It was the 'trying to play it totally cool, but trying to make dolls best friends' voice.  "There's a couple of new dolls I'd like you two to meet."
Poca and I shook our heads at each other.  We both knew how Jan was.
"Ok." we both answered.  This was probably going to be awkward for the new dolls as well as us.

Jan took us over to a different area of the room where two dolls were standing.  One of them had strawberry red hair in braids, with a pink cape and hat, and a rather traditional costume-looking outfit.  The other had long blond hair in an amazing hairdo, and a blue sparkly gown.

Poca approached the two of them first, while I hung behind a bit.
"Hello!!" Poca said.  "I'm Pocahontas, but you can call me Poca."
"Hi!" the redhaired doll answered.  "I'm Anna!! I love chocolate, do you love chocolate??  Sheesh, that ride here in that UPS box was murder!  Did you have to ride in a shipping box?"  She sounded really excited and hyper, and really outgoing.

I approached Anna.
"Hello, I'm Snow White.  But I generally am just called Snow."  I really wasn't quite sure what to make of Anna.
"Hi, Snow!!  I love your hair!!  You look much beautifuller than me...wait, not beautifuller, not fuller, just more beautiful!!"  I giggled inside a bit.  Anna obviously spoke before she thought.

Poca now spoke to the other doll.
"Hello!!" she offered.
"Hello.....I'm Elsa." she replied quietly, in almost a whisper.
"Wait, Elsa and Anna....you two are from Frozen, right?" I asked.
"That's right!!" Anna jumped in.
"Is your dress made of ice, really?" Poca inquired.  "I'd think you'd be pretty cold if it was!"
"Oh, um no, it's not." Elsa replied in the same quiet tone.
"Can you make ice and snow, like the character?" Anna asked.
"Anna, isn't that kind of a rude question?" Poca asked gently.  "We are dolls, you know, and I don't think we can make ice and snow."

I couldn't help but notice that Elsa looked a bit wistful at that.

I felt kind of bad for her.  It couldn't be easy being expected to make ice and snow just because your movie character did!!  I mean, my movie character is great with animals, and don't get me wrong, I do love animals: but I don't think that woodland animals are going to stop whatever they're doing and help me clean a cottage just because I ask them to!! ;-). 
"It's ok," I said, laying a hand on her arm, "you're special just as you are.  We aren't all like our movie characters."

To my surprise, Elsa pulled her arm away very quickly and then looked away, and I jerked my own hand back in surprise.  Had I done something wrong?  I quickly retreated behind Poca.

Poca, Anna, and I all looked in surprise at Elsa's quickly retreating back.
"Elsa, wait!!" Anna called after her, but Elsa didn't slow down at all.

We all just kind of stared in stunned silence for a few seconds.

Anna recovered first.
"Um, don't look at me, guys." she said.  "I really don't know Elsa very well myself.  I only met her a couple days ago, and she really doesn't talk to me much.  I think she's upset about something."
Poca and I both only offered a quiet "oh" in response.

"So, um, where do we stay?" Anna asked to break the silence.
"We'll show you." Poca responded.

We guided her over to the table, which Anna stared up at with an unreadable expression.

Suddenly she let out a very loud "Whoo hoo!!!!" and proceeded to climb up the table like it was nothing.  Thankfully, none of the humans besides Jan were home, or they probably would've heard her!!
"Hey, aren't you coming up?' she called down to us.  "This is fantastic!!"  I did a very dramatic face-palm.  Yippee, another doll who is extremely good at climbing and makes me look like a nincompoop.

"I think we've got an outdoor explorer on our hands." Poca whispered to me.

And then Poca proceeded to also climb up the side of the table as if it were nothing.

Now the two of them were up there peering down at me over the side of the table.
"Ok, fine, I'm coming." I grumbled.

So I climbed up the small pile of books...

...gripped the drawer pull as hard as I could....

...and somehow swung myself up to the tabletop, where Anna helped to pull me up.

I grunted and sat down, irritated.  Poca and Anna continued to look over the side of the table.
"Ok, guys, show is over." I called over to them.
"What show?" Poca asked, confused.
"The little show called 'watching Snow look like a twit climbing up the table'" I retorted.  I knew I was being snarky, but I was a little offended.

Poca and Anna both pulled themselves to sitting positions.  Anna scooted over to sit by me.
"I'm sorry if I offended you." she said.  "I just like doing athletic things, like climbing up to high places and all that."
I really hadn't meant to make Anna feel bad, especially since this was her first day with us on the table.  Now I wished I could take my snarky remarks back.
"It's ok," I replied.  "I was just getting offended easily.  Don't worry about it."
Anna instantly looked relieved, and my own face relaxed as well.

"Um, you guys, look over there." Poca said, gesturing towards a box a few feet away.  Elsa was sitting on it all by herself, looking very lonesome and sad.
"Do you think we should go sit with her?"  Anna asked.  "She looks kind of unhappy."
"I don't know." Poca answered slowly.  "She also kind of looks like she wants to be alone right now, in some way."

I looked over at Elsa and frowned.  It couldn't feel nice to be unhappy like that.  What was the matter with her?  Could I maybe help her?  We'll have to see how this goes....

~ Snow

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I know.....WHERE DID I GO???

I know, I know, I haven't posted in a month.  I don't really have an excuse, except its been pretty hectic around here, and I haven't gotten a chance to use Jan's IPad to post without the other humans noticing.  And then when I did have a chance, I found out only later....and I kind of was taking a nap at the time?  Oops!!  :/. 

In any event, I do want to thank whatever readers I have left after that long posting break for not giving up on me!!  :-). I will try to get a post up over the next week.  A few new dolls have been around here, and I'm not quite sure what to make of them.  The good news (I think)  is that Pocahontas and I are definitely spending more time together, and I suppose you could call us friends.  It still irks be every time Jan comes around when Poca and I are chatting, and she grins like a Cheshire Cat.  Ooohhh, those humans are annoying at times!!  Anyway, to make my main point: no, I didn't abandon my blog.  And look forward to a post sometime this week (a good one, I promise!!). And thank you for still reading my blog!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

No, I didn't forget about my blog already. ;-)

Hello, everyone!! :-).  First, I'm thrilled that I already have three followers.  Three!!!!  :O. Thank you so much, everyone!! :-). I never thought I'd get that many, especially not this soon.  So thank to each of my three followers from the very bottom of my (plastic) heart!! ;-)

Second of all, no I didn't forget about my blog already. ;-). I'm getting a new post together, and I'll have it up hopefully by the end of the week.  I'm still figuring out how to use these computer gadgets! ;-). 

And third, just thank you so very much everyone, for reading my blog!! :-). I really appreciate it so much. 

Ok, I think that's about it. :-). Stay tuned for my new post!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Day Outside...aka Jan being silly...again.

The other day Jan sent me and Pocahontas outside to 'get acquainted' again.  Seriously, I don't know if she is aware of it, but that excuse gets old very fast.  We aren't going to become best buds overnight, okay Jan?  How long does it take to get that drilled into your head?!  Really.  Anyways....  

I don't really know how she expected us to talk at all, because she went on a photoshoot rampage and took fifty million pictures of each of us.  They do look rather nice, though. :)

And that's just a few of them!! :). Anyways, after that I went off to look at some pretty flowers that were nearby, but sheesh, it was both windy and chilly, so I had to hold on to my hair to make sure it didn't get messed up.

By this point, Jan left us alone, so we kind of just went exploring.  Finally, I said something, because the silence was getting pretty thick.
"So, um, this is kind of awkward, isn't it?"
"You too?  Glad I'm not the only one!"  Pocahontas giggled.  "Does she expect us to be best friends overnight?  I mean, I have nothing against you, but uh, you know what I mean." 
"Trust me, I do.  Jan gets a little annoying, doesn't she?"
"Um, yes.  Couldn't she have realized my box was upside down in the Disney store bag on the way here??"  Pocahontas dramatically pretended to faint.
I had to stifle a giggle there.  I thought I was the only one whose box was upside down.  Anyways, Pocahontas was apparently quite the dramatic!
"Yes, my box was upside down too.  Oh, look at that pinecone!!"  I had spotted a cool looking pinecone on a nearby tree.  "I'm going to try and get it down."  I reached up, but couldn't quite reach it.
Pocahontas meanwhile climbed up a tree, nimble as a....um, I don't know, but she was really fast!!! ;)
"Want to join me up here?" she called.  It looked kind of fun, but the thought of climbing uo that high kind of made me queasy.  What if I fell?
"Er, no thanks!" I called up to her.  "I think I'll stay down here."  Pocahontas looked a little disappointed, and I felt really bad.  I mean, it wasn't a personal thing!!  I just don't enjoy climbing up like 5 times my height, ok?  
Pocahontas climbed down and we continued walking along.  Suddenly she bolted ahead and started jumping around excitedly.  Now what?
"Look!" she said.  "It's a real mushroom!!"  
"Um, so?"  I replied.  Frankly I thought the mushroom was a bit ugly.  It had these wierd-looking things stuck all over it.  Pocahontas, though, apparently thought it was really cool.
And I stood off to the side while she exclaimed over every last minuscule detail of this...uh, what did she call it?  Oh yeah, mushroom.  

When she was finally done, we continued on until we came to this bench.
"Hey, let's climb up!!"  Pocahontas exclaimed.  "We could have a much better view from up there!"  
I peered up at it.  It was a little shorter of a climb than the tree, but I still wasn't sure.  But Pocahontas had already started to climb up.

And then promptly jumped back down.
"Argh, this hair!!"  she cried dramatically.  "It always gets in my way!"  Apparently she is quite dramatic or something.
"Well, why don't you ask Jan to put it up in a braid for you?"  I put forth timidly.  "Maybe then it wouldn't get in your way."  Personally, I thought she was out of her mind.  I would love to have hair like hers.  Mine is short, and you also can't do anything with it.  Not even put it in a ponytail.  

Just then Jan walked up.
"How are you two getting along?" she asked.  I rolled my eyes.
"All I know is that I'm just going to die if this hair isn't out of my way soon!"  Pocahontas exclaimed.  Jan stifled a smile.
"I said that maybe you could put it up in a braid for her." I added.  Jan nodded.
"I think that could be arranged." she said.  "Want me to do it now?"
"Yes!" Pocahontas added.

After Jan had finished, Pocahontas twirled around and showed her new hairstyle to me.  
"How does it look?" she asked.

"It looks great." I assured her.
"Thanks, Snow." she replied.
"Well, I guess that's taken care of." Jan said.  "I have to go do my schoolwork right now, so come back in when you're done exploring."
"Ok!" we said at the exact same time.  Jan left

"Well, want to try getting up on that bench again?"  Pocahontas said excitedly.  She climbed up in about five seconds.  How does she do that??  It'd probably take me like half an hour.

She leaned over the edge of the bench.
"It's really nice up here." she said.  "I can help you up if you want."  I looked up at the bench again.  It still seemed very high...and a very long way to fall!  
"Er, that's ok." I said, hoping I didn't hurt her feelings.
"Oh, well ok." she replied, her face falling.  I think I did hurt her feelings.  I needed to say something, and fast.
"I'll come up next time we're outside!" I blurted.  Oohh, I'm going to regret that.
"Really?  Promise?" she asked, her face lighting up.
"Yes, of course.  I promise."  I said.  
"Great!!"  Pocahontas had a grin a mile wide.  "Do you want to go back inside now?"

As soon as we got back inside, we climbed up the leg of the display table.
"Ugh." I said, as soon as we made it to the top.  "Couldn't the table be a little shorter so we could climb up easier?"
"I know, right?" Pocahontas replied.  "But anyways, we made it."  At that moment, Jan and hr sister started singing Let it Go in the next room.
"Oh, brother." Pocahontas groaned.  "Do those girls have any idea whatsoever how horrible they sound singing?"
"Um, probably not." I said.  "And I personally am not going to be the one to tell them."
"Why not?" Pocahontas asked.  "It's offending my ears!"
"Yes, but I have no idea if they'd get mad or not, and I don't want to find out!"  
Pocahontas laughed at that one.  We actually were starting to chat like friends.  Maybe Jan was right.  No, no, no.  No way am I going to prove her right.  That isn't fair.  Pocahontas was nice, sure, but I don't want Jan getting a swelled head or something and thinking she's right on everything.  Besides, then she'd probably think I should always listen to her.  Um, no thank you.

Just then Jan came up.  Pocahontas clapped her hand over her mouth.
"Hope she didn't hear us complaining about her singing." she whispered to me out of the corner of her mouth.
"Me too."

"Would you like some chocolate?" Jan asked.  "It's Hershey's."
"Chocolate???  Really!!!" Pocahontas exclaimed.  "Oh my goodness, I LOVE chocolate.  I adore it.  It's like the best thing ever....."  Pocahontas glanced around and noticed both me and Jan looking at her funny for being so overly dramatic about how she loves chocolate.
"Oh, um, sorry." she said, blushing.
"No, it's fine." Jan said.  "Glad you like it."  

So Jan broke off a little bar from the chocolate, and handed us each a piece.  I must admit, it was delicious!!!  

And then Jan just had to take a picture of us with the chocolate bar.  I hope this doesn't go on all the time....with fifty million pictures.  Yeesh.

Maybe living here won't be so bad after all.  Pocahontas is nice....if a little dramatic, but still nice.  But I still don't want to prove Jan right.  Sigh. :/